RESOLVED: Issues provisioning IaaS orders with non-linked SoftLayer IaaS accounts
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • Sydney
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    United Kingdom
  • 740813
  • Description
    Customers that need to provision assets in a SoftLayer account that is not associated with a IBM Cloud account should do so directly through the SoftLayer Customer Portal at Even when using a ‘linked’ account (SoftLayer + IBM Cloud) and  accessing both types of accounts through, it will not be possible to  provision services in the un-linked SoftLayer account using IBM Cloud console at Attempting to provision services at, will result in the asset being provisioned into the linked (SoftLayer + IBM Cloud) account instead.

    The team is working to identify and resolve the issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Update: the issue has been addressed. Please refer to the instructions above and contact IBM Cloud Support if you have any issue or questions.