Action-required for SendGrid service users
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    Recently, the third party service provider, SendGrid, experienced a security incident in which their internal systems were compromised, systems that included account and customer data. More details about this incident, and SendGrid's response to it, can be found on the SendGrid blog.
    While this incident was not related to IBM, or the Bluemix platform, we are partnering with SendGrid to help ensure users of their services take the proper precautions.

    In addition to the steps recommended on the SendGrid blog, such as password reset and enabling two-factor authentication, users of the SendGrid service on Bluemix can mitigate any risk by simply going through the following four steps to automatically generate new credentials:

    1. Unbind the SendGrid service to your app
    2. Rebind the SendGrid service to your app
    3. Restart your app
    4. Refresh the console to verify the fix

    If you have questions about the incident in the context of the Bluemix platform or your app, please feel free to contact us. If you have questions about the incident itself, or your SendGrid account, please reach out directly to the SendGrid team at

    You can contact the Bluemix Support team with any questions regarding this notice visiting and opening a new request there.