Announcement: Activity Tracker is now available
  • Activity Tracker
  • US South
  • Description
    IBM Cloud Activity Tracker, which was previously known as Access Trail, is generally available with new service plans in the US South region. IBM Cloud Activity Tracker allows you to view, manage, and audit cloud activity events in the IBM Cloud. The service can be found under the Security and DevOps sections of the Bluemix catalog.

    Here is what you need to know:
    • You can select IBM Cloud Activity Tracker from the Bluemix catalog and choose a Lite or Paid plan based on your usage needs. Activity Tracker is automatically enabled with the Lite plan so configuration changes are not required if you are going to use that plan.
    • The Lite Plan enables you to have visibility into the most recent 100,000 cloud activity events and allows you to search them for three days.
    • You can export events and store them on IBM Cloud storage.
    • The premium plan offers additional features, such as CLI and APIs to manage activity data. Premium plan users gain direct access to the Kibana dashboard for advanced analytics on cloud activity event data.
    Empower your DevOps team with IBM Cloud Activity Tracker. Gain insights into your Cloud environment to quickly detect, diagnose, and identify issues. Keep your event data safe guarded on a cloud class economical storage solution.

    This information originated in the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker – go live with new features article within the Bluemix blog.