Announcement: Bluemix CLI V0.6.0 is now available!
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  • Description
    We are pleased to announce that V0.6.0 of the Bluemix CLI is now available for download. Installers
    Use the following links to download the appropriate CLI for your local operating system: Change logs
    • Identity and access management for users and services
      This release adds a set of command lines to support the service ID, service API key management, and also access policy management for users and services.
    • Next generation cloud resource management
      This release adds a set of command lines to support resource groups, quota, resource catalog, resource instance, resource key management, and also the integration with existing Cloud Foundry applications.
    • Move account/org/space/user related commands from namespace 'iam' to 'account'
      The command lines to manage accounts, account users, orgs, spaces and org/space roles are moved from the 'iam' namespace to the 'account' namespace. We still keep a copy under 'iam' as well. However, we encourage you to adopt the commands under the 'account' namespace.
    • CLIs for Softlayer load balancer
      This release adds command lines to manage the Bluemix Infrastructure Load Balancer service.
    • New commands
      For the list of new commands, see the V.0.6.0 release information.
    • Updated commands
      This release makes the following changes to commands:
      • Adds a prerequisite check for commands under the app, account, iam, billing, security, and service namespaces
      • The 'iam oauth-tokens' command falls back to the UAA server to refresh the token when iam is not available in the targeted Bluemix environment
      • Provides public region endpoint as options in the ogin
      • Provides an updated usage description of the iam account-user-invite command. An org manager is not allowed to execute this command
      • Makes the plugin name case insensitive when you are installing or removing a plugin
      • Corrected the description of the -p option in app domain-cert-add command