Retirement: IoT for Automotive service (Experimental)
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    On November 30, 2017, we are retiring the IBM IoT for Automotive Experimental service. Here’s what you need to know:
    • The End of Beta / Experimental Date is November 30, 2017. As of this date, you cannot provision new Beta instances of the IoT for Automotive Experimental service on the IBM Cloud platform.
    • The End of Beta / Experimental Support Date is December 30, 2017.
      • For a period of 30 days after the End of Beta Date, which is through December 30, 2017, all existing instances will continue to be available on the Services dashboard in the IBM Cloud (Bluemix) Administrative Console. Existing instances of the IoT for Automotive service on the IBM Cloud platform will also continue to supported through this date.
      • Any instance that is still provisioned at the End of Beta Support Date will be deleted.
      • You can delete your IBM IoT for Automotive Bluemix service Beta service instances before the End of Beta Support Date.
    For you want to use IoT Automotive platform products and applications, we recommend that you use IoT for Automotive SaaS Development Edition (part number D1PWPLL) as an alternative. IBM IoT for Automotive SaaS is a foundational, real-time infrastructure platform. It provides features to support the connected vehicle and emerging autonomous driving capabilities. IoT for Automotive SaaS is a highly scalable and low-latency dedicated cloud computing offering that provides big data storage and real-time analytics.

    By using IoT for Automotive SaaS, you can build smart solutions that use in-vehicle and contextual data to share cars and manage fleet operations, monitor and improve driver behavior, optimize journeys, and much more. For more information, see the Product overview and features for IoT for Automotive SaaS. For more information about Development Edition SaaS, see IBM Knowledge Center.

    This information originated in the IBM Watson IoT for Automotive Experimental Bluemix service will be withdrawing article within the Bluemix blog.